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Cent OS

Server Admin

Just like database administration, server administration is part of the day to day job requirements when you’re the Senior Web Developer for an institution the size of NMSU Research.

The base technologies vary. I’ve worked with many Linux distributions such as OpenSuse and CentOS, as well as Microsoft technologies like IIS and SharePoint. For many years we specialized in Apache, so I became very comfortable there. Recently, however, we’ve transitioned over to Nginx, so I now specialize in Nginx and PHP-FPM for our base web server stack.

I tend to develop locally on a virtual machine using VirtualBox, Vagrant, and Chef-Solo and then deploy to a live environment using GitLab and Chef Server. I’m really loving the flexibility that the DevOps pipeline is giving us at Research, and writing infrastructure as code is right up my ally. That means I’ve had to add Ruby and Ruby on Rials to my bag of tricks, and I couldn’t be more pleased about that.