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Business Development

I’ve run a small business, Duskrider Design, ever since I moved to Las Cruces in 2006. I love helping local businesses and organizations get online affordably. Honestly, I think I probably charge less than I should, but I enjoy doing it so much that sometimes it doesn’t even feel like work.

On top of that, every minute I spend working on the web just gives me that much more experience. Doing web development on the side really is the perfect gig. The market in Las Cruces isn’t big enough, at least not for a part time business like myself, to take me away from family and friends, so it works out great.

I don’t really advertise that much and let clients come to me on their own. I like the low pressure environment that creates, for both clients and myself. I don’t really need their business to survive, and they have other options in town if I’m not the right fit. Even so, I try to treat every client like a good friend… I’m very happy to say that most of my clients do become friends.