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Application Depot

Application Depot is a security wrapper designed to allow applications to be written without the need for complicated authentication or login modules. One of the hardest things for new developers to understand is often application security, so we needed a way for our students to write simple applications without the need to complicate the process with logins and permissions.

App Depot allows new applications to make use of a standardized ‘bouncer’ algorithm, written in either PHP or JavaScript, to communicate with the App Depot API and authenticate that a user has the appropriate access to the program. All the developer needs to do is include the bouncer script in their application and App Depot takes care of the rest.

It includes an administration panel allowing admins to add users from multiple LDAP sources. LDAP is Lightweight Directory Access Protocol and is the standard used by Active Directory, which is Microsoft’s domain access database. Using multiple LDAP sources allows App Depot to add already existing users from NMSU’s active directory along with the Research domain’s directory and the Physical Science Lab’s directory. In this way, users don’t need to remember multiple passwords and IT doesn’t need to create new local accounts for every individual program we write.