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Ed Zenisek | Web Developer

I’m a PHP web developer with over 15 years of professional experience. I work primarily with PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, SQL, and JSON to develop web solutions ranging from simple business pages to enterprise level software packages. I’m very familiar with OOP methods, agile development, version control repositories, and DevOps. I also enjoy working with graphic development and video editing. Ultimately, I love working in development, helping and working with other developers, passing my knowledge on to others, and seeing my work online. I always strive to help people and businesses become as efficient as possible.

I’ve been working as a PHP developer at New Mexico State University for almost 14 years, and, of that, I’ve spent 10 years as lead or senior web developer. I’ve written hundreds of web applications and been the administrator for several database systems, dozens of individual databases, and many web servers and server architectures. Just recently I’ve been working more closely with a new Dev Ops pipeline, and writing infrastructure as code is a real thrill… at least for a web dev nerd like myself.

While I’m not writing code for NMSU, I’m writing code for my own clients. Since I love development, I even do it when I’m at home. I’ve been developing web sites locally since I’ve lived in Las Cruces, about the same amount of time that I’ve been at NMSU as a matter of fact. I primarily use WordPress for client sites, though I have been known to use Drupal or even write sites from scratch if the need arises.