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Ed Zenisek | Author

The Man, the Myth, the Legend

Ed and Amanda just after surgery

Ed Zenisek is a writer, programmer, video gamer, and world champion couch potato. Senior web developer at New Mexico State University by day and aspiring humorist by night, Ed spends his free time with friends, family, and an old Ford truck. He has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems from DeVry University and has worked in the information technology field for over fifteen years, where his skills as a writer and presenter are mostly wasted. He met his wife, Amanda, in Alamogordo, and they now live in Las Cruces, New Mexico with a couple of dogs and a flock of chickens.

Ed, aka Fast Eddy, has spent most of his life overweight. Often calling himself ‘The Token Fat Guy,’ he always felt his weight was just part of his persona. That began to change as health problems started to surface. Ed and his wife each underwent bariatric surgery in late 2017, and, by all accounts, it was a harrowing experience. Thankfully the surgeries were successful and Ed is slowly but steadily losing the weight he’s carried his entire life.

Ed prides himself on his writing and speaking ability. In 2016, he gave a talk at NMSU’s Launch competition, and his fiery presentation won first place with a $25,000 prize for his department. His casino tell-all book “EGDSecrets: Reel Truth, Right from the Source,” written under the pseudonym Mark Vincent, has sold over 10,000 copies in print, electronic, and audiobook formats.

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“Bariatric Surgery: The Best and Worst Decision I Ever Made” is a non-fiction account of bariatric surgery written in a humorous style by Ed Zenisek. It chonicles the journey of Ed and his wife, Amanda, as they prepare for, and eventually have, sleeve gastrectomy. Written in 2018, the book exists in a 180 page paperback as well as a similarly sized ebook available on Amazon’s Kindle platform. An audiobook version, voiced by Ed himself, will soon be available on Audible and iTunes.

From the Back Cover

Ed and Amanda Zenisek each underwent bariatric surgery in late 2017. Together, they shared the ups and downs, appointments and bills, stress and, ultimately, success that bariatric surgery can bring. By following Ed on his journey, you’ll get an opportunity to see bariatric surgery though the eyes of a patient having it done and a spouse watching and supporting a loved one dealing with their own joys and pitfalls.

Ed’s unique wit and often hilarious sarcasm will help guide you through the story of their surgeries and give you and entertaining and fascinating glimpse into the process. From the seemingly psychopathic nutritionist to the most depressing surgical waiting room in the universe, Ed and Amanda’s path to surgery was fraught with both funny and frustrating moments.

Packed with humor, insight, and advice from someone who’s been there, “Bariatric Surgery: The Best and Worst Decision I Ever Made” is a must-read book for anyone going through bariatric surgery, their loved ones, or anyone who’s ever been frustrated by a doctor.

Read the Preface Here:

Free Stuff… Yay!

On November 28th, 2017, my wife, Amanda, underwent sleeve gastrectomy. On December 7th, just ten days later, I underwent the same procedure. Those two surgeries were the culmination of almost 20 months of seemingly endless doctor visits, tests, paperwork, and bills.

As my wife and I took our journey into the deep abyss of bariatric surgery, I wondered why nobody told us it would be such a royal pain in the ass. As the pokes and prods turned into frustration, anger, and sticker shock, I decided I needed an outlet. I needed a way to vent my thoughts, other than strangling my doctors or walking into the bariatric center with a shotgun. I know that sounds dramatic, or possibly psychotic, but believe me, I never understood how some post office worker could blow away his co-workers with a machine gun until I tried figuring out how the hell I was going to navigate my bariatric surgery. Now, I understand. I don’t condone, mind you, but I understand.

As you may be able to tell by my overly dramatic opening monologue, our experiences weren’t always, or even usually, pleasant. Our doctors weren’t always great, and I would call our bariatric center office staff mediocre, at best. That said, I will spoil the ending; it was worth it. I don’t regret it, not even a little.

There are many other books and media out there that talk about bariatric surgery and use words like “life-affirming,” or they might talk about “habits for success.” They do a good job of psyching you up for the hard road and lifestyle changes ahead. There’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, I think it’s wonderful that most books about this subject are positive. It should help you get through the hours of testing, multitude of appointments, and days of waiting for results. Anything you can do to whittle away the hours, while you anxiously hope everything comes back in time for you to make your surgery date, is a good thing. Honestly, I think my book shows a positive outlook on the process in the end. After all, it is a life changing experience that makes people healthier and, ultimately, live longer.

But it isn’t easy.

At least it wasn’t for us. The entire process took over a year and a half, and every time we thought we crossed the finish line, the doctor’s office moved the goal. Having this surgery isn’t just about making plans and being ok with changing your lifestyle. It’s not just about eating less and cutting carbs. The seemingly endless maze of insurance, Medicare (if applicable), doctor’s offices, and doctor’s orders make getting the surgery feel more like it’s about checking off boxes than about changing your lifestyle.

Keep in mind this is my experience. Every doctor is different, and every patient is too. My wife and I aren’t doctors. She’s a dispatcher, and I’m a computer programmer… so our opinions don’t really mean much in medical circles. Take what I say for what it is, my experience from my point of view. I’m highly confident there are weight loss centers throughout this great land that are bastions of well-planned surgical bliss. Ours was not one of those, at least from our perspective, even though the surgeon turned out to be more than we ever could’ve hoped for. In addition to talking about the surgery, I’ll also talk about what led us to the decision. Bariatric surgery is a big decision, as any surgeon or nutritionist will tell you, and it took a long time for us to make up our minds to have it done. Amanda and I took the plunge together. Having both of us under the knife within two weeks of each other was quite an experience, and we each had our own issues, pitfalls, and pains. We also each had our own reasons for undertaking the surgery.

Hopefully, if you’re considering the surgery, what I’ve written proves you are not alone… others have been just as confused and frustrated as you are. I hope I can make you laugh about this whole experience, because it’s better to laugh than to cry and better to cry than to carry a shotgun into the doctor’s office and look menacingly at the receptionist.

Above all, if you’re thinking about having bariatric surgery, really thinking about it, then I hope this book helps you make the right decision for you. As I said, I don’t regret doing it, and neither does my wife. Or my father. Or my aunt. Or the dozens of people I’ve met, know, or have otherwise interacted with on our journey. Even though I may be harsh and a bit sarcastic in the book, know that every person I know or have talked to, who has had this surgery, considers it one of the best decisions they’ve ever made.

Every. Single. One.

As for being the worst decision I ever made, well, that’s probably not true. I did sign up for DirecTV once. Also, a book title is all about getting attention. You’re reading this, aren’t you? The experience was annoying enough to prompt me to write a book, so there’s that. There are many words I could use to describe how my wife and I felt about the bariatric and weight loss center where we had our surgery planned, but I think I’ll let the experience speak for itself.

In the end, both of us had successful surgeries and went on to significant weight loss. No matter what I write here about the people we interacted with, be they doctors, nurses, staff, or otherwise, I know they were just doing their jobs to the best of their abilities. Many of the experiences I’ll share with you are described from the perspective of someone who was either frustrated, angry, disillusioned, or otherwise confused. Looking back, I know I was not always right… or even mostly so.

That said, not only is it more entertaining to write how I actually felt at the time, but it also gives you a window into how you might feel when confronted with the same types of situations, should you do so. Remember, though, there are two sides to every story. This book is my side.

So, now that the niceties are out of the way, we’ll begin as most stories do… in the beginning.

I was born on Easter Sunday, 1979…

Just a Few Amazon Reviews

This book was really funny. Although the topic was a very serious one, the way he described what he and his wife went through made it hard to put my kindle down. I laughed and had to even read parts to my wife. I had a gastric sleeve 8 years ago, and like he mentioned all doctors are different, plus the requirements vary. Ed did though give good advice at the end, and like he states at the beginning, this was his journey, and he made it interesting and funny to read about.


After reading for weeks on the net from/about different surgery centers, the pre and post op differences regarding diets, habits and timelines- this is what I really needed to confirm my decision.
My surgery date has been set since the end of November for the middle of January 2019.

Hans K.

I thank Ed Zenisek for writing this book! It helped me so much before and after my surgery. This book was so good; I read it twice. The first time was before my surgery. The Bariatric clinic I went to was phenomenal in terms of education. Thus, I knew the dietary requirements, what the surgery entailed, and how it would change my life. What I wanted was to hear an account from a regular person. This book is it. Ed is a great writer; his writing is funny, informative, and sarcastic. I was thoroughly entertained and educated. Though Ed may be a regular guy, his writing is anything but. He details all of his experiences of jumping through hoops to get the surgery and his post op experience in great detail and he keeps it funny! If you are contemplating getting gastric sleeve, I highly recommend this book.

Carmen Pena