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Ed Zenisek

Hello there,

My name is Ed Zenisek, and professionally I’m a Senior Web Developer for New Mexico State University Research, where I’ve enjoyed a 14 year career so far. I’ve also been running my own Web Development business out of my home in Las Cruces since I’ve lived here, almost 15 years. Recently, my wife and I had an elective weight loss surgery and I wrote a book about the experience. Bariatric Surgery: The Best and Worst Decision I Ever Made is currently available on Amazon where it has a rating of over 4.5 out of 5 stars.

In 2013 I married my beautiful wife, Amanda. In July of 2020, my wife gave birth to our beautiful twin girls – McKenzie and Brooke. In my free time I enjoy learning more about web development, gaming, doing home renovations, writing, stargazing, and working on my 85 Ford F-150.

Talents | Skills | Experience

I’ve acquired a great deal of experience in my career. What you see here is a short list of the skills and talents that I feel are most relevant.


PHP Development

I've been writing PHP for almost 20 years. I've written everything from small one page websites to enterprise level web applications with over tens of thousands of lines of code. It's kinda my thing. … Continue readingPHP Development



My experience with JavaScript is almost as extensive as my PHP knowledge. Of course, the two go hand in hand. Any well-rounded web developer should know the ins and outs of JavaScript and I'm no exception. … Continue readingJavaScript



Since my duties also require me to be my own database administrator, I've learned the hard way how important databases are. I've been a SQL developer as much as a web developer my entire career. … Continue readingSQL

Cent OS

Server Admin

Just like database administration, server administration is part of the day to day job when you're the Senior Web Developer for an institution the size of NMSU Research. … Continue readingServer Admin

Bariatric Surgery Book Cover


I've been good at putting words on paper since I was in high school. Just recently I've tried my hand at creative writing for fun and profit! … Continue readingWriting

Projects | Portfolio

A small sample of just some of the projects I’ve worked on in my professional and business career. Note that a few of the images have been blurred to protect sensitive information.