Bariatric Surgery
The Best and Worst Decision I Ever Made

Bariatric Surgery: The Best and Worst Decision I Ever Made

When Ed and his wife Amanda both decided to have bariatric surgery (sleeve gastrectomy), they had no idea it would be such a pain in the ass. From the endless doctor visits, tests, bills, and paperwork to the most depressing waiting room in the universe, their journey was one fraught with irritation, sometimes absurdity, usually frustration, and, ultimately, success.

Ed’s unique brand of brilliant wit, sarcastic humor, and relatable personal insight will both inform and entertain as he guides you through the harrowing process from beginning to end. Laugh and cry as you follow this average American couple though their decision making and all the way up to the procedure itself, including all the tests, appointments, and red tape that went with it. His struggle, first as “the token fat guy,” and then as both a patient and the loved one of a patient, his wife, affords a rare opportunity to see the process from many different perspectives.

Gain the kind of understanding about bariatric procedures that only comes from personal experience. Learn what self-help books and your doctor won’t tell you and find out what Ed would’ve done differently if he could take it all back. Often funny and always informative, “Bariatric Surgery: The Best and Worst Decision I Ever Made” is a must-read if you or a loved one are thinking about or have had bariatric surgery, or if you’ve ever been frustrated by a doctor or hospital. And, c’mon… who hasn’t?